Welcome to Mount Pleasant Farm and Forestry ( Incorporating rockhamptonred.co.uk, treesale.co.uk and uktreeexpert.co.uk)

Mount Pleasant Farm and Forestry, Rockhampton. is a small business. Our son and daughter in law now run Mount Pleasant Trees here which we started nearly 40 years ago.
In our semi retirement we now sell semi-mature trees up to 25 years old and also a few rare trees .We also sell Snowdrop bulbs and woodland and farm products as well as a few miscellaneous items.
Over 20 years ago we discovered the wonderful tree Carpinus betulus Rockhampton Red which has red leaves in the autumn and has resulted in very strong international interest amongst tree planters. You can read about the tree by clicking on that item on the left hand index bar.

WE ARE PREPARING OUR LIST OF STOCK FOR THE COMING SELLING SEASON WHICH COMMENCES IN EARLY NOVEMBER 2018. A price list from a few years ago is detailed in the FULL PRICE LIST (PDF) which can be read or printed from the Mountpleasanttrees.com website by selecting the appropriate section on the information side bar on the left hand side of their home page. The pdf price list on these websites is out of date but gives some idea of our stock, although prices of some of the trees are now significantly higher since the trees have grown.
SOME OTHER SECTIONS OF THIS WEBSITE have not been updated yet and are out of date but give an idea of the stock we sell. There will be some significant price increases of our large trees since we have not revised prices for several years.

We supply the products listed in the menu on the left hand side of this page. By clicking on the menu headings you will see (and can print) FULL details of the items availabe under that heading. In future we shall try to keep all the pages, except the FULL PRICE LIST (PDF) page up to date. The Full Price List (PDF) Page is only updated periodically and is not neccessarily as detailed as information on the pages under the menu headings.

To get in touch. Please click the Contact Us link.on the menu on the left.
Please bear in mind that this is a part time business run during our semi-retirement.Please do not visit us without an appointment.
Our Son and Daughter in law run Mount Pleasant Trees on our land adjacent to our business and home. Theirs is a much larger full time business and they are able to supply a wide range of trees, hedging and shrubs in very large numbers in sizes from 12” to 8ft. as well as tree planting requisites. Their website is www.mountpleasanttrees.com
Thanks, G.G.Locke Sept 2018