Normal sized and Rare and Unusual Trees

Mount Pleasant Farm and Forestry stock list of normal sized trees currently up to about 3 metres high (this list excludes the very large semi mature trees we had for sale in 2017) , a new list has been prepared in Sept 2018 which we can e mail to potential customers, the list is similar to this one.
Telephone G.Locke 01454 260111 Grower of trees for 40 years
Approximate heights are shown in centimetres. When no prices are listed please ask me.
All the trees in this list can be lifted by one person and most will fit into cars, anything longer than 320cm will either need to be beheaded ( not necessarily a bad thing) or you will need a long van, truck or trailer.
Almost all the trees will be supplied bare rooted although a few may be popped into pots for ease of handling. All are grown here and freshly dug.
Many of these plants can be purchased directly from Mount Pleasant Trees and our son Tom will dig and prepare them on our behalf, some however I need to select and prepare myself and for these longer notice of your requirements is usually required. Any of the trees in this list can be purchased directly from me and I may be available when our son is not, however I am quite often not at the farm and customers would have to time their visit to fit in with my availability.
A number of the rarer plants I grow are propagated by layering, this is a generally slower and more expensive process than grafting or budding but is much better for some plants which otherwise have a strong urge to send up rootstock suckers. Such plants are normally very rarely grown in the trade because of the high cost of production.

Acer campestre- 180-240 £15.00 and 250-350 £24.00
Acer campestre Evenly Red A form in which the leaves turn red in the autumn 150-180
Acer campestre Rockhampton Gold. A form which was discovered here many years ago and which has bright gold young foliage which darkens somewhat over time. It does not burn in full sun. Probably for sale next season.
Acer cappadocium Aureum A stunning large growing maple 180-240 £28.00
Acer opalus 150 only one or two available £20.00
Aesculus indica 40cm £12.00
Aesculus turbinata Japanese horse chestnut, rare. Only one or two 180 £36.00
Alnus incana Pendula Weeping grey alder, grown from layers. 180-240 £ 32.00 and a few smaller
Betula pendula 250-350
Buxus sempervirens Latifolia Broad leaved box, rarely seen, vigorous and healthy growing 100-120 £24.00
Carpinus betulus 180-240 and 300-350
Carpinus betulus Rockhampton Red (grafted) 220-280 and 300- 350
Carpinus betulus Rockhampton red (Grown on own roots by layering) Perfect for normal bonsai specimens or giant outdoor bonsai planted in the ground 120-150 very sturdy
Carpinus betulus laciniata, very rare, own roots, very sturdy 180-240 only one or two
Carpinus betulus Pendula- A marvellous tree very rarely seen 300-350 £45.00
Carpinus caroliniana Red Fall, A good growing form that has good orange and red autumn colours but remember that this species never grows as big or as vigorously as Carpinus betulus 170-200 £24.00
Catalpa bignonoides Indian bean tree 150-180 £15.00
Cercidiphyllum japonicum Katsura tree, foliage beautiful autumn colours and wonderful fragrance 180-240 £24.00 also some larger specimens
Cercidiphyllum japonicum Pendulum. 350 and 150 ,only two specimens from £25.00
Cercis chinensis Avondale 40-60 £13.50
Cercis Forest Pansy 150-180 £ 24.00 Chaenomeles Texas Scarlet 40-60 £ 9.00
Clerodendrum bungei, This is the more showy of the common species, it has showy pink fragrant flowers in autumn. 60-80 £9.00
Clerodendrum trichotomum suckers dug to order 120-150 3 for £20.00
Cornus alba Aurea I think this is the most lovely form of Cornus alba, it is a strong and healthy grower. 90-120 £ 9.00
Cornus kousa chinensis 150cm
Cornus florida 150cm
Cornus mas, Cornelian cherry 20-30 £4.50
Corylus avellana Very sturdy specimen shrubs 150-180 £12.00; 200-300 £18-£28
Corylus avellana Contorta, grown from layers, only 2 specimens 120-150 £30.00
Corylus colurna Turkish hazel, a wonderful proper single stem tree. 180 and 350 only one or two
Corylus maxima (Kent Cob grown from seed) These effectively come true from seed although cannot strictly be called Kent Cobs 120-150 £8.00 or 5 for £20.00
Corylus maxima Purpurea, grown from layers. 90-120 and 120-150 £12.50 or 3 for £25.00;
Corylus x Te Terra Red, Like a tree or very large shrub growing form of the above, one of the parents of this hybrid is Turkish hazel 250-350. £ 30.00
Cotoneaster horizontalis 30-40 £4.00
Crataegus monogyna. Common hawthorn 150-180 sturdy specimens £10.00
Crataegus orientalis Oriental hawthorn, lovely shaped tree, without thorns but with profuse large edible orange berries, and silvery green leaves.250-300 £35.00
Davidia involucrata. Hendkerchief tree 150-180 £28.00
Davidia involucrata Sonoma, propagating for next year
Fagus sylvatica 150-180
Fagus sylvatica Black Swan Considered to be the best weeping form of red leaved beech 150-180 £28.00
Ficus carica Brown Turkey Fig In my experience the best fruiting fig for the U.K. 90-120 £19.00; 40-60 £12.00, or 3 for £24.00
Ficus carica Deeply cut leaved form 40-60 £14.00
Heptacodium micionoides, easily grown large Chinese shrub with attractive leaves and profuse white fragrant flowers in autumn 80-110 £14.00
Juglans nigra, Black walnut, even easier to grow than common walnut, timber very good quality. Profuse (hard to crack) nuts after a few years 180-240 £28.00
Juglans regia 180-240 £32.00
Laburnum anagyroides 180-200 £14.00; 3 for £20.00
Laurus nobilis Common bay. A few very sturdy bushy specimens 150-200 £35.00-£48.00
Leycesteria Formosa. Pheasant berry 80-100 £12.00
Liriodendron tulipifera. Tulip tree, very fast growing, one of the very few trees never damaged by grey squirrels. 180-240 £29.00
Lonicera nitida. Small numbers dug from suckers 60-80 5 for £20.00
Lonicera nitida Bagessens Gold- 2 only very sturdy bushy shrubs 80-100 £35.00 the pair
Magnolia campbellii available next season
Magnolia Heaven Scent
Magnolia Merril
Magnolia Leonard Mesell
Magnolia kobus Large shrub or small tree. Grows very well in the limy soil here and very good purple flowers after a few years 120-150 £14.00 ; 3 for £30.00
Mespilus germanica. Medlar. 180-240 One only exceptionally sturdy 7 year old specimen £42.00
Mistletoe growing on hybrid black Poplar trees ( and other species). The host poplars are 180-240 and the mistletoe varies from extremely small to small bunches several years old £19.00- £49.00
Morus alba.- White mulberry. Much faster and more easily grown than black mulberry 150-180 £17.00
Myrtus ugni. Rare very small and slow growing myrtle but with tasty red fruits 20cm £15.00
Nothofagus obliqua. Of the beech family. This is a very fast growing tree which transplants very well and quickly grows into a medium to large tree. The small leaves, which are fragrant at some times of the year give the tree a graceful quality like a silver birch, especially when the trees are young. The timber is very similar to beech. 180-350 £24.00-£45.00
Parrotia persica Persian Ironwood. This is one of my favourite trees ( or large shrubs) It is very easy to grow and thrives in limy soils. The common species is marvellous having a wonderful shape, with flaking bark and superb autumn colours and some of the cultivars are even better. It can be pruned into almost any shape required. Big sturdy specimens, some multistem 180-270 £ 35-65
Parrotia persica Bella. A more upright growing form with red edged young leaves 100-150
Parrotia persica Vanessa A highly sought after form with multiple upright trunks ( can be pruned to a single) 180-240 £45-55
Paulownia tomentosa Foxglove tree. 60-90 £10.00 and 200-300 £ 34.00
Platanus orientalis Oriental plane. Very fast growing and eventually huge tree. In my opinion more attractive than the more common hybrid London Plane. Easy to grow and trouble free. 180-240 £25.00 or 3 for £50.00
Platanus orientalis Digitata. A more deeply cut leaved form of the above 180-240 £32.00
Populus x canescens. Grey hybrid poplar. Very fast growing eventually huge tree, good for countryside planting where the suckers will not be a nuisance. 180-240 £17.00; 3 for £40.00
Populus tomentosa, a Chinese poplar almost identical to the above, prices the same as above
Populus maximowiczii. A very rare medium sized poplar but definitely one of the most beautiful, very healthy growing, no suckers. The leaves emerge very early a beautiful light green. The tree has a broad spreading habit. The clone we offer is a female( I don’t think the male is in cultivation) 180-240 £38.00
Populus szechuanica Tibetica Fast growing upright tree. Very large leaves like pop. Lasiocarpa but glossy and with red petioles, it does not sucker like pop. Lasiocarpa usually does when grafted,180-240 £28.00
Populus tremula Pendula Weeping aspen, quite rare, grown on its own roots. It will quickly grow into a striking broad weeping tree, good for boggy ground . 150-180 ( and larger) £ 25.00
Populus tremula Fastigiata A rare botanical curiosity, exceedingly narrow growing 250-300 £29.00
Prunus laurocerasus Common laurel sturdy specimens 90-180 from £15.00
Prunus laurocerasus Magnoliafolia 40 cm. Very vigorous extra large leaved form £10.00
Prunus lusitanica Portugal laurel. Very sturdy specimens 150-180 £ 24.00, 3 for £50.00
Prunus lusitanica Azorica This form of Portugal laurel is rarely seen, it is just as tough and easy to grow as the normal form but is more showy, with lighter green leaves and red petioles, a good specimen evergreen 150-200 £28.00
Prunus padus Colorata. Rarely grown because there are awful problems with rootstock suckering but it is a wonderful small tree and I have at last grown some by layering. Red foliage in spring fading to greenish. Profuse pink flowers. Hopefully ready for sale this season 40cm £18.00
Prunus cerasifera Pissardii. Dark red leaved plum with pink flowers, grown from seed. The red plums are often profuse and delicious. 150-180 £16.00
Prunus spinosa Purpurea A spineless (Wonderful!) form with red leaves which maintain a good colour throughout the season but the best feature is the profuse early pink blossom. 150-180 £30.00, also some larger
Pterocarya x rehderana one only 350cm £60.00
Quercus frainetto, one only from seed 240cm £45.00
Quercus macranthera Persian oak- 2 odd ones 120 and 150 £15.00 each
Quercus robur- Common oak 180-240 £25.00 and 250-300 £45.00
Quercus suber- Cork oak from seed from Grimaud Southern France 20cm £7.00 or 3 for £15.00
Quercus x turneri- almost evergreen fast growing beautiful oak 60-90 £22.00
Ruscus aculeatus Butchers broom, strong plants from large divided clumps of several different clones. A wonderful very long lived plant of the lily family which will grow in dry conditions and fairly dense shade. 40-60 £12.00 or 3 for £24.00
Sorbus aria Whitebeam very sturdy 180-240 £25.00 very few
Sorbus aucuparia Mountain Ash 180-240 two only, one multistem £28.00
Sorbus torminalis Wild service tree. 180-240 £30.00 two only
Sorbus vilmorinii A small growing rowan with pink berries 120-150 £12.00 or 3 for £24.00
Tilia cordata Small leaved lime, a beautiful batch of well grown trees, the blossom of this tree is most fragrant and probably the best for herbal tea. 150-180 £14.00 and 180-240 £17.00 or 3 for 36.00
Tilia platyphyllos Laciniata one only 150cm £20.00
Tilia platyphyllos Tortuosa Very rare, can be grown as a single stem or a multistem, grown on their own roots 180-270 £25.00-£38.00
Vitis vinifera Spetchley A vigorous vine the leaves of which turn brilliant red in autumn. Much easier to grow than vitis cognettii. 40 cm, sturdy cut back plants £10.00
Wisteria sinensis two very large specimens flowering size 180-220 £37.00 each
Zelcova carpinifolia. A fabulous huge tree ( look at the one at nearby Tortworth Court Hotel) Freshly dug suckers from our tree 30cm 3 for £20.00

Abies grandis Grand fir 20cm
Abies procera Noble fir 30cm
Abies pinsapo Spanish fir 20cm
Cryptomeria japonica. Japanese cedar. Not a true cedar and unlike true cedars it is very easy and fast growing. It produces valuable timber much used in Japan. The species is a beautiful distinctive tree quite unlike some of the unattractive slow growing forms planted in suburban gardens in the 1970s. well suited to planting in groups to produce a forest grove ( like coast redwood- but it is more cold resistant than coast redwood) 150cm £16.00; 175-200 £18.00 or 3 for £36.00
Picea omorica Serbian spruce. Narrow growing spruce tolerant of dry limey soils 60-80 £12.00
Picea sitchensis. A few large plants left over from one of my planting jobs 120cm, somewhat shabby looking, ( almost the only shabby plants on this list), but will grow on fine; Five for £18.00
Sequoia sempervirens Cantab A rare form of the coast redwood which can be grown in a smaller garden. The plants we normally sell have a proper leader and will grow into normal shaped trees. Much slower than the normal form. It has interesting flattened needles. 60-90 £ 27.00 Also some smaller plants which need a leader training or could be used as ground cover. 3 for £30.00
Sequoiadendron giganteum Giant redwood, Wellingtonia- 100-150 This damp autumn this batch have suffered with fungal damage and so are being sold cheap. The damage is largely cosmetic and they will soon recover. £12.00 or 3 for £25.00

Ginkgo biloba a couple of large 2 metre specimens £50.00 each
Tsuga heterophylla Western hemlock, a most beautiful shade tolerant forestry conifer 90cm £10.00
21 Aug 2017

Trees available in normal 2ft- 7ft sizes. Mostly only small numbers available, most are supplied bare rooted. Some of the trees will have been potted this Autumn. We have a very small display area where some of these trees can be seen. We also shall have there other odds and ends and rarities we have not listed, including a few rare pot grown conifers.
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Note : All Prices exclude V.A.T.