Semi Mature Trees

Large Specimen and Semi- Mature Trees up to 30 years old.

This list is now years old, please e mail me to get a copy of my latest list. Aug. 2023. The price range varies from about £100- £400 plus Vat, depending on age, size and factors such as rarity.
Please note I cannot deliver any trees neither can I arrange delivery, that is the responsibility of the customer.

Most are 8-25 years old and up to 20ft high. They are all supplied as dug, which in most cases will mean with quite a lot of soil attached to the roots. The larger ones have a trunk circumference of about 30 cm. or more.( 10 cm.(or 4in.) diameter measured at 1 metre above ground level. Most will have been transplanted or undercut at least four times. All these trees are grown here and are significantly cheaper (often half the price or less) of other specimen tree suppliers. Please e mail or telephone if you would like further details of : exact height, girth, bushyness etc.
The price reflects the age, size, rarity and the degree of symmetry. We have some cheaper ones of some species which are asymmetric in shape, these are ideal for economical screening. Conifers and evergreens need especially careful handling and may need protection from wind damage when transporting and in the first few months after planting.
All the larger sizes cannot be transported on anything smaller than a 10ft long trailer, long drop-side Transit, or flat bed lorry. We can advise on transport possibilities. We can assist with machine loading (most are too heavy to man-handle). It is impossible to load into closed sided lorries or vans. Prices are approximate indications and will vary from one specimen to another. We will of course quote you the exact price of any tree chosen. For some species we only have two or three specimens available, In the cases of : Hornbeam, Limes, Poplars, Oaks and Yew we have many specimens available.

Species available 2021 season.:

Prices vary depending on the individual specimen and the species but for most common deciduous species vary from about £75 to £300 for specimens in the size range 10-20 ft. For an sturdy 4 metre high (13 ft) specimen, price is likely to be between £90-£140. All plus VAT Note that evergreens and conifers and rare and slow growing species are generally more expensive.
The survival rate of these trees is likely to be 95% or more if proper planting and aftercare is taken ( mulching is particularly important).
The most relible transplanters and the quickest to recover their normal growth rate after transplanting are Field Maple, Hornbeam and Lime. The most difficult trees to transplant successfully are Birch, Oak and most Conifers If not properly planted or not given proper aftercare ( particularly under or over watering) then survival rate may be 50% or less.
Of the many hundreds of trees like this we have transplanted the losses are a handful.
We make no guarantee of survival.

Acer campestre
Acer pseudoplatanus
Alnus incana Laciniata
Betula pendula
Betula pendula Tristis
Betula albosinensis septintrionalis

Carpinus betulus

Carpinus betulus Pendula
Carpinus betulus Rockhampton Red

Catalpa bignonoides
Corylus avellana
Contorted hazel
Corylus x colurna -Tree form of Hazel
Corylus maxima Cob nut/filbert
Corylus maxima Purpurea Purple leaved filbert
Corylus x maxima Te Terra Red
Crataegus mollis
Crataegus monogyna
Crataegus orientalis
Crataegus phaenopyrum
Crataegus persimilis prunifolia extra mature and young specimen
Cydonia oblonga, Vranja Quince
Fagus sylvatica, almost sold out

Ficus carica Brown Turkey Fig

Liriodendron chinensis
Liriodendron tulipifera
Magnolia campbellii
Magnolia kobus
Malus, eating and cooking vars. and John Downie and Floribunda
Morus alba,1 off extra mature and young specimens
Mistletoe, well established clumps growing on 30 year old plus apple trees. Regularly transplanted so will transplant well from £250.00.
Also mistletoe growing on large unrooted poplar sets available from time to time.

Parrotia persica
Parrotia persica Bella
Parrotia persica Vanessa
Platanus orientalis
Platanus orientalis Digitata
Prunus laurocerasus Common Laurel
Prunus lusitanica Azorica Special form of Portugal Laurel

Populus tremula Pendula Weeping aspen
Poplars as unrooted sets
Pyrus pyrifolia
Quercus canariensis
Quercus robur
Quercus Ilex

Salix as unrooted sets
Sorbus aucaparia cultivar
Sorbus John Mitchell
Sorbus torminalis
Tilia cordata
Tilia americana
Tilia X euchlora
Tilia japonica
Tilia orbicularis
Tilia petiolaris
Tilia platyphyllos
Tilia platyphyllos Laciniata
Tilia platyphyllos Tortuosa
Tilia tomentosa
Tilia Winter Orange
Tilia x wratislaviensis
and other Tilias
Also Tilias that have been pollarded to create the foundation of French style shade trees.
Taxus baccata Yew, Very tall and some bushy, up to 35 years old £150-£400

Sequoia sempervirens
Sequoiadendron giganteum
Abies nordmanniana
Metasequoia glyptostroboides

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