Woodland Produce

Firewood logs

Mixed species, dry,well seasoned hardwood available 5-7ft long logs of approx 2”-6” diameter, so easy to saw by hand or machine.Logs are on steel pallets under cover £55.00 per cubic metre normally approx 2-3 cubic metre per pallet). These are all home grown and are the same as we use on our wood burning stove and open fire. We never split the logs, they burn perfectly well unsplit. We also have poplar and conifer logs available, these are cheaper at £45.00 per cubic metre, but tend to be larger diameter logs than our hardwood logs.Because the conifer logs are dry and burn hot, there is no problem with tar deposits forming in chimneys.The conifer logs are generally larger diameter and need splitting we sell minimum quantities from 1 cubic metre upwards

Pole length logs
We also have logs of several conifer species, mainly, Pine, Sequoia, Sequoiadendron and Western Red Cedar ( and limited numbers of hardwood species) in lengths of up to about 20ft long and diameter of about 15” , Prices from about £20.00 each.

The price we are charging for our firewood per cubic metre is about the same as you would pay if you bought a 20 ton lorry load of freshly felled wet wood like this delivered direct from a forest , however our wood is well seasoned and dry, no contest really!
Our fire wood complies with the recent government rules regarding dryness for burning on domestic fires. If you buy much more expensive kiln dried wood, unless you store that in a heated place indoors that kiln dried wood will soon re absorb moisture from the atmosphere and end up with exactly the same moisture content as our firewood.

Kindling sticks also available.

Logs for milling into planks, turning, or for other woodworking projects.or as trunks for garden bed edging. A selection of logs grown here, mostly 2-4 metres long and varying from 7-24 inches diameter mainly:Ash, Oak, Hornbeam, Lime, Cherry, Oak, Larch, Pine, Yew, Sequoia sempervirens., Sequoiadendron. ,Field Maple, Leylandii, Calocedrus, Spruce,Japanese cedar ( Cryptomeria) Thuja plicata (Western red Cedar)and others. Prices mostly about £20.00, to £35,00 per log. Log weights between 40 and 200 Kg .These logs are almost all from trees which have been felled at least one year ago.

Hazel sticks cut from coppice growth this Autumn 8-10 ft. long. Ideal for bean and pea sticks or rustic work. Select your own from a pile £10.00 (or less) per dozen. Also extra big hazel sticks up to 2” diam and 10ft long

Yew sticks for rustic outdoor use, various sizes up to quite large logs, the most naturally durable British wood, will last decades without tratment.Price about £1.00 per broomstick sized stick ( note that yew does not generally grow very straight so most sticks have curves or wiggles.