Woodland Produce

Firewood logs

Mixed species, dry, seasoned hardwood available 5-7ft long logs of approx 3”-7” diameter, so easy to saw by hand or machine.Logs are in piles under cover £60.00 per pile approx 1 cubic metre per pile). These are all home grown and are the same as we use on our wood burning stove and open fire. We never split the logs, they burn perfectly well unsplit. We also have poplar and conifer logs available, these are cheaper at £50.00 per cubic metre, both tend to be larger diameter logs than our hardwood logs.Because the conifer logs are dry and bun hot, there is no particular problem with tar deposits forming in chimneys. Local delivery may be possible if you are buying 4 cubic metres or more.
We sometimes also have logs in cut to length size of about 15” long, mixed diameters, unsplit.
The price we are charging is about the same as you would pay if you bought a 20 ton lorry load of wood like this delivered direct from a forest from a firewood wholesaler, however our wood is well seasoned and dry, no contest really!

Kindling sticks also available.

Logs for milling into planks, turning, or for other woodworking projects. A selection of logs grown here, mostly 2-4 metres long and varying from 7-18 inches diameter mainly: Oak, Poplar, Sorbus torminalis (Wild service) (highly prized and very expensive in mainland Europe), (some spalted); Nothofagus obligua, Cherry, Alder, Elm, Hawthorn, Cedar, Larch, Pine, Yew, Metasequoia, Sequoia sempervirens., Sequoiadendron. Pterocarya ,Field Maple, Hornbeam, Leylandii, Calocedrus, Spruce, Thuja plicata (Western red Cedar)and others. Prices mostly£5.00 to £10.00, a very few up to £25,00 per log. These logs are almost all from trees which have been felled at least one year ago.

Hazel sticks cut from coppice growth this Autumn 8-10 ft. long. Ideal for bean and pea sticks or rustic work. Select your own from a pile £6.00 (or less) per dozen.