Miscellaneous Items


Christmas Tree tops – Norway spruce, and Giant Redwood.Grown here and freshly cut, 10ft. + and some very bushy, Approx. £45.00- £100 also some smaller and cheaper. Can be cut to your requirements. Ideal for big buildings or outdoors.

Horticultural and other sundries-(almost all these items must be ordered before inspection or collection because most are stacked away in barns)

“Nomix” herbicide sprayer plus some of the special herbicides, almost new, hardly used offers invited.

Grubbing mattock with beech handle £11.00; new

Carborundum stones. Cigar shape, new £2.25

Rigid plant pots, black plastic , brand new 2.5litre £9.50 per 100; 4.0 litre £17.50 per 100;

Floppy polythene pots, brand new , mainly 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 litre selling very cheap eg 1.5 litre £3.00 for 400 ;3 litre £2.50 per hundred. Shallow and deep profiles available. Better root development than rigid pots and also good for short term potting of items as well as long term. Offers considered for the lot (10 thousand plus )

“Whalehide” biodegradeable new pots mainly 1 to ten litre sizes selling very cheap, especially the smallest sizes, very useful for potting trees and other plants especially those which are intended for planting out before they have rooted into the compost. Mainly deep profile pots. There is less tendency for root spiralling in these pots. Price examples: -1-1.5 tall profile 200 for £6,00 ; 5 litre thirty for
£6.00; 10 litre ten for £4.00;

Tree planting bags. White outside, black inside co-extruded heavy duty polythene, brand new, selling at much less than bulk wholesale price. Keep trees in good condition in these bags for weeks (keep out of sun) Five for £3.00. 58” long x 28” wide gusseted.

Bulk materials bags, polypropylene 1 ton or 1 cubic metre, blue, new £4.50 each

White woven polypropylene sacks . Very strong, brand new. 59” long x 29” wide. Again less than we paid. Great for transport or storage of bulky materials.,or use with tree panting bag above for airtight dry storage. Five for £3.00

Top Soil- First quality nursery soil without any persistent perennial weeds, excellent for tree planting or general use. 1 ton(or less than one ton) £35.00; 2 tons £55.00; 5 tons £20.00 per ton; 10 tons £16.00 per ton. We can load for you with a 3 ton digger, or 8 ton JCB..( These prices assume that the whole quantity will be collected in one visit) or fill your own 20 kg bags £8.00 for ten. We can also arrange delivery of skip loads of approx. 6 cubic metres (rather more than 6 tons) to be tipped at your premises within a 5 mile radius for £165.00.

Ornamental limestone rock for rockeries or feature stones, standing stones etc. They are the hard, very characterful and durable Thornbury rock, which is a conglomerate rock. Mainly large pieces from about 50kg to a ton or more in weight which are surplus to our own needs. about £10.00 for small pieces to £100 + for the enormous pieces.

Cider apples and Perry pears to pick up from about 30 trees about 20-30 years old in our orchard which is organically farmed. Also Medlars and Cooking apples available most years. (These are available in minimum quantities of 2kg for Medlars and 10kg for cooking apples. Phone for details

Various surplus kit bought originally for use at Mount Pleasant

Single furrow plough. Working order ,last used 10 years ago £200.00 ono

Ryobi expand it 30cc petrol Strimmer with high trimming attachment, hardly used £55.00

Ryobi 26cc petrol Hedgetrimmer. Very little used £50.00

Sack Truck Folding alloy, excellent design with good sized wheels, as new condition £22.00

Self tapping round head galvanised or sheradised. Pozidrive British made 8×3/8 and similar, box of 1000 £4.50 see our website for full details of all sixes available (all small sizes)

GU10 240 volt 50 watt light bulbs Sylvania, brand new, 20 FOR £6.00

Dense concrete blocks (6”) 440mm x 210mm x 140mm never been used, clean and perfect approx 1000 available, cheap at. £80.00 per 100; £9.00 per ten; Ideal for building retaining walls, compost bins etc. without cement. These weigh about 25kg each.

Silicon dioxide, used shot blast grit, could be sieved and reused or used as black sand for mortar or other uses £30.00 per ton, or 25 kg bags 2 for £3.00; Also some brand new p.o.a.

Encyclopaedia Britannica Full set 1957 ; 26 volumes nice looking red leatherette £25.00

R.H.S. Magazines The Garden over 20 years of volumes up till 90’s also several years Watsonia (botanical society) mags also annual Bristol Naturalists Bird Report.. All or part of these journals. .Money raised from these magazines will be donated to the charity Tree Aid www.treeaid.org.uk